Stock Management

The item inventory feature in the accounting application can be very useful to help you get direct stock quantities, because the inventory count data will be updated in real time. This will make it easier for you to know the average selling price of a product and know what stocks are empty.

In addition to data regarding the amount of stock of goods, this feature can also provide data on which products are the highest-selling, which will provide insight for your future business movements. Because of that, the inventory management feature is also one of the important features that must be owned by the accounting software that you use.

Financial Statement Management

Last but not least, the feature that accounting software must have is the financial statement management feature. This feature will help you measure the cash used and show how the cash has moved over a certain period of time.

That way, you will more easily calculate business profits and losses, and all this you can do automatically because it is assisted by a system owned by the accounting software. Of course your job to make financial reports will be easier and more efficient.

Some of the features mentioned above can be very helpful in developing your MSME business, so before you have the accounting software which you will use, make sure you have these features.

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