Learn Indonesian Free Accounting Application!

Various accounting applications are available for you to use, whether it’s paid or free. It is natural that in the end you feel confused to choose what accounting application that suits your needs as a user. There are several accounting applications that offer advantages in easily understanding how to use the application for example, or offer features in the form of your ease in adding or subtracting categories contained in the application.

However, all of them focus on one common goal: to help you as a user to more easily collect all transactions and process them into accounting journals and produce the financial statements that you need. Here are some free Indonesian accounting applications that you can get for free or free!

Journal entry

If you are looking for an Indonesian accounting application, you can rely on Journals to be able to meet your business and business needs. Journal is an accounting application that is quite easy to use because you do not need to install it in its use. Apart from that, you also don’t lose your data because Journals have a system to do backups automatically.

Some features of the Journal are Invoice, in this feature, it is possible to be able to send professional invoices more easily because there is already a template that you can use and you can adjust it to your company’s needs. In addition, there are features of Cost, Stock of Goods, Reports, Cash Link and Mobile that have been integrated and can help you in making a valid and complete financial report.

Zahir Simply

Zahir simply is an accounting application made by PT Zahir Internasional that aims at small and micro businesses (MSMEs) to help MSMEs manage finances easily, this is based on the financial reporting problems faced by MSMEs, namely complexity. So this product is designed so that all financial management becomes very easy and comes with features that are intended to meet the needs of MSMEs, one of which is the use of Indonesian in this accounting application.

Some features offered by Zahir Simply are records of sales and purchases, managing inventory, managing daily expenses, payment of accounts receivable and accounts payable and there is a dashboard that makes it easy for you to monitor profits in realtime. These features certainly make Zahir Simply have various advantages, namely being able to manage sales and invoices, record the status of purchases, manage bills and record income and expenses easily.

Money Manager Ex

Money Manager EX is perfect for you who use financial applications for personal or sole traders. Like most accounting applications, Money Manager EX functions to help manage your finances. One of the advantages of this accounting application is that the features provided are almost close to premium applications, although this application is basically free.

Money Manager EX already supports various features such as supporting multiple accounts and multiple currencies, a search function that is quite complete with filters and sorting for each type of transaction, a categorization function that helps each transaction to be more detailed, managing stock and asset data that will make it easier for you to calculate the value of development or depreciation, set a budget for the next year, and this application supports various languages ​​including Indonesian. For this reason, the Money Manager EX accounting application can be one of the free Indonesian language accounting applications that you can rely on.


For those of you who have just started a business, one of your difficulties may be to create financial reports. Departing from this problem, the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) launched the Micro Business Accounting Report (Lamirko) application for those of you who have just started a new business. Lamirko is a simple accounting bookkeeping application for micro-businesses that can be used via smartphones which are intended for beginners in business or individuals.

Lamirko offers sufficient features for an accounting application, such as Journal Entries that allow you to record accounting transactions on a chronological basis, Journal Lists which are details of all financial transactions and accounts associated with these transactions, Profit, and Loss to be provides you with clear financial statements for a certain period that describe the elements of income and expenses so as to generate a net profit or loss.

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