Borderlands 3 players are confused as the game struggle to cope with next-gen graphics

Borderlands 3 the upcoming game has already confused the players. A recent AMD event showed that the game will run at 4k and 60fps only, but not farther.  This left the fans disappointed after a long wait and the game is still struggling to deliver high-quality graphics and performance.

Fans were expecting 140fps next-generation gameplay, but, it seems the game is still far behind in this part. AMD graphic card company recently showed the capability of their new graphic cards in competition against Nvidia. AMD, unintentionally highlighted the core issue for Borderlands 3 as the struggle of high-quality performance on next-generation hardware continues for the game.

AMD made a chart of different games in comparison with Nvidia’s graphic cards.  The chart shows that AMD’s Radeon RX 6900 XT and 6800XT can run Borderland 3 on 4k up to 60fps. Gamers who wanted to play at a higher FPS may not want to look at these stats. Given this, the chart also shows that Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3090 can barely cross 60fps at 4k. Now, this may sound shocking to all the PC gamers who already bought Nvidia’s graphic card.

People may assume, cards are letting down, but, it’s not true. Other games like Call of Duty Warzone and Doom Eternal both are running on more than 140fps at 4k. AMD’s and Nvidia’s top gaming cards are likely to run the games over 140fps at 4k but, the issue is in the game.

Hence, the players who are buying new generation consoles and gaming cards, are hoping to see the improvements in Borderlands 3. However, these chart tests are showing the reality and the game seems poorly optimized.

Source: Gamerant

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