BGMI Lite Release: Lite Version won’t be coming, Says YouTuber

Battlegrounds Mobile India, the so-called Pubg Mobile Indian Version was released in July. BGMI Lite is still expected by Indian users, which may not be in working until yet, as mentioned by a YouTuber known as Ketan “K18”.

Ketan delivers a message to Indian fans that BGMI Lite won’t be coming to India, as Krafton may not be working on it yet. He also suggested that players who are waiting for it, could not wait for it anymore.

Krafton hasn’t revealed anything yet about the arrival of BGMI. However, they have confirmed the arrival of BGMI for iOS later this year.

If we take a look at Pubg Mobile Lite, it is developed for low-end devices having low specs sheets. Unfortunately, Pubg Mobile and Pubg Mobile Lite were banned last year, and Indian users are restricted from playing that.

In contrast, the developers have introduced a standalone version of BGMI in India, without any lite version. High-end users can easily play Battlegrounds Mobile India on their phones without any issue. Whilst mid-range device users can also play BMGI at low medium settings.

Despite this, the low-end users can simply try BGMI while downloading the limited resources which are under 800 MB. In case if you don’t have enough space to run it.

Besides this, there isn’t any official announcement made yet. While the iOS version of BGMI will be introduced later this year. We will be updating you regarding the upcoming news.

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