BGMI iOS is available on App Store, while BGMI Emulator is not launching

BGMI iOS Release: After several months of waiting, Battlegrounds Mobile India is now available on the App Store. Developer Krafton teased the release on social media and Apple App Store long before it was released to play in mid-June for Android devices, but finally for iOS users as well.

After a two-month wait, iOS users are now finally able to play the most popular battle royale game. The mobile adaptation was up for preregistration on Google Play in May and is now available as an open beta.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is now available for download on the App Store, for iPhone, and iPad. It requires iOS 9 or later and at least 2GB RAM to run properly.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Emulator

Regarding the BGMI Emulator, as recent news has arrived by the company. “Krafton will not launch an emulator for the game because it would increase illegal actions and make our game unfair to other players.” – BGMI developers.

It is much easier to use hacks like aimbot, falsification, and more inside of a computer environment compared to mobile. It is also much easier for cheaters to mask themselves with computers, Krafton believes.

Krafton is always dedicated to keeping the game fair for everyone and has started a new initiative called ‘Ban Pan‘ which bans players who resort to hacks or cheats.

Furthermore, If a player is found guilty of using unfair means, they may be reported to Krafton and action will be taken depending on the severity.

Krafton currently bans players by investigating reports from other users or if they find someone guilty after looking through their account information for irregularities.

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