Best Top 10 torrent sites in India (Safest To Use in 2021)

From thousands of websites available on the Internet, searching for a reliable and useful torrent site may sometimes be risky and tricky. And not all of them are safe and useful because some of them are poorly maintained. They waste your time and lacks safety for data privacy.

So, I have decided to make it easier for you. With complete fact-checked research, I have created a list of the top 10 torrent sites in India. These are the ten best torrent websites in India in terms of safety and reliability. Some of you may need a VPN to access for the best use of any site. 

Some of the websites may not work in your area, but most of them do with VPN. So, if you don’t have VPN, you can download it now. 

Top 10 best torrent sites in India – Safe To Use 

Listed below are the best torrent websites that are popular in India. I have selected the websites based on their speed, privacy policies, and user-friendly content. Users are searching for them on a regular basis, and they are highly recommended for everyone in India. 

1. The Pirate Bay – Best for Everything 

The Pirate Bay is the best among the rest. It has everything from dramas, movies, and your favorite TV shows. Also, Pirate Bay is the most popular torrent site in the world. It also gives an average download speed of 6 MB’s. 

Millions of people are using this site. Probably, you don’t need to use any other place after Pirate Bay. 

2. 1337x – Best for TV Shows 

In the second place in the top 10 torrent sites in India, we have 1337x. It is best to watch movies, TV Shows, and games without facing unwanted ads. Moreover, the loading speed of the website is excellent with user-friendly content. 

3. RARBG – Ideal for 4k movies

If you are a music lover, then this will be your best choice. This is why it makes in the list of best torrent websites in India. Moreover, you can also download movies and drama seasons. 

4. YTS 

 The list of the top 10 torrent sites in India is not complete without YTS. If you struggle to find Old and Classic movies. Then this website is an ideal choice for you. They have a ton of classic films which you can see without any trouble. 

5. TorLock – Good for Anime Episodes 

If you want to download and watch anime episodes, you can do it easily on TorLock. Moreover, you can also find books on this site. 

6. Torrentz2 – For Music Lovers 

Torrentz2 has less speed among the best torrent websites in India. But, it still has a lot of content for music lovers, and it will help you find songs that are hard to find. 

7. TorrentDownloads – For Different genres 

In the seventh spot in the top 10 torrent sites in India, we have TorrentDownloads. Many people in India are using it. Still, it is blocked in some countries. But, you can get free access with a VPN. If you don’t have a free VPN, you can download it now. 

8. Zoogle – Good for games

Zoogle is best for torrent gaming sites without any trouble. You can make millions of fun here with ease. That Is why I rank this torrent website is among the top 10 torrent sites in India. 

9. LimeTorrents – Good For movies, TV shows, etc…

For the audience who loves a user-friendly interface and easy navigation features., This website can help you so much in finding HD Movies (720p-1080p). 

10. EZTV – Good for slow Internet 

If you have a low spec smartphone, then this website suits you exceptionally well. It gives an average speed of 3.2 MB’s, which makes it among the best torrent websites in India. 


Is It Safe to Torrent without a VPN in 2021?

There are hundreds of torrenting websites in the world. Using the best torrent websites in India without VPN can be risky because of unwanted viruses that damage your data privacy. 

VPN is the best way to use any torrenting site from the top 10 torrent sites in India. The availability depends upon your locationSome of the websites are blocked by Govt. or you may found it illegal. However, you can access any torrenting site from a VPN. 

No website is 100% safe to add more knowledge if you leave your data or account details exposed. You need to be careful if you are signing up on many torrent sites. 

How to Access Blocked Torrent Sites in India?

To access any blocked torrent sites in India, you need a VPN (Virtual Private Network). The different VPN services are available on the Internet. Some of them are free, and some have monthly subscription packages.

The benefits of VPN are as follows

· To avoid any trouble – VPN provides you with a safe server that connects you with that particular website. 

· With VPN- IP address is hidden, and it helps avoid any copyright violations from your server. 

Final Thoughts 

Among the top 10 torrent sites in India, you can download movies, games, anime series, and much more. VPN is the safest way to avoid any trouble from accessing the information to downloading the content. 

Moreover, this article provides information about 100% safe uses of the best torrent websites in India with VPN knowledge. 

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