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Best PS4 Controllers you should consider in 2021

Danny Peterson



best ps4 controllers

PS4 controllers are the basic need of every professional gamer. Through it, the gamer can control all the action through just vibration feedback. This will help a lot and provide an effective and appropriate response to every action.

This type of controller was initially considered a secondary option for the play stations but with the passage of time, it has been found that for the convenience of professional users it is very necessary. And must be brought into use for better results and functioning.

There are almost a number of variety forPS4 controllers, but the user must need to go with the most reliable and suitable one.

Here are some of them mentioned below;

Best PS4 Controllers

  • PICTEK PS4 Controller Wireless

best ps4 controller

PICTEK PS4 Controller Wireless is seen to be the first priority of every user if he thinks to bring a replacement of PS4 controller.

It has a wireless interface, small and sleek design. Its interface will allow you to attach a headset and headphone easily for an outstanding experience.

It consists of a 1300mAh battery that supports long term working without being required the charging case. Even it can be available for you for the whole day without being charged.

Moreover, it consists of sensor technology, the 6-sensor technique help read the feedback response and ultimately the action will be provided to the user in the best way.

This will help you to enjoy the real game feelings and make an adventurous experience with both sound and video.

In addition to all this, it has a built-in hall sensor. This sensor works as an accelerator for driving games.

This controller helps you to perform non stop actions in adventurous games. Rather than clicking again and again on buttons to shoot fire, these PS4 controllers will let you work smoothly.

Not only this, it will help you to relieve muscle fatigue on your thumb joint. So as to create maximum comfort for the user.

The PICTEK PS4 Controller is the best choice for users who just wants to make their gaming experience even better and not to do anything with customization.


  • Fully worth the money
  • Huge battery ability
  • Attractive and unique interface


  • It is not compatible with PS3
  • Kydlan PS4 Controller

best Ps4 Controllers

If you are thinking of a modern, sophisticated, and reliable PS4 controller then, Kydlan PS4 Controller is the best option available for you in the market.

It has such an attractive and elegant design that has the main attraction in its interface. Its colorful design makes it even more trending than any other normal controller.

It comes up with various helping accessories. It specifically consists of 1 micro USB charging cable, 2 Joystick covers, and 1 manual support card. These all will make the work even more smooth and appropriate.

It has a built-in 900mAh rechargeable battery. Thus, it can maintain the fun activity up to 12-15 hours easily, without letting the adventure of the game down.

Even this provides you the facility to gets charged through a USB cable for the sake of convenience. And most of all the charging time is much faster than any other 3rd party grip around.

this is specially designed for the experiencing reality games adventure. For the sake of this activity, it mainly comprises the three shock stages. (Strong, Medium and Shock)

All these efforts make the working operation easier and better.

All-in-all it consists of a 3.5mm audio jack. This also comprises the mono horn. You can easily adjust the audio settings by plugging the headphones inside.

Apparently, the light bar seems to be so normal but it completely changes the gaming experience and enlightens the working interface with totally a different service.


  • Attractive light bar
  • Easy to handle
  • 6-Axis Sensor


  • Sometimes respond so slowly
  • JOYSKY for PS4 Controller

best Ps4 Controller

JOYSKY for PS4 Controller is a technical and fully operational device. It conveys an optimal approach to the users with its unbeatable services and features.

This controller has proved to be the best by the reviews. It is highly compatible with the Sony play station and almost all the new versions of play stations(PS4).

It has a sleek and ergonomic design that can be adjusted to hands easily. It is made to such a comfortable level that it mostly relieve all the stress of thumbs and reduces tensions of hands.

It comprises ABS reliable material that creates calmness while holding it and present a beautiful appearance while maintaining a good feel.

Whereas the Gamepad has it is on the grace that can not be managed with any other. It is lined with anti-slip silicone that fulfills the user’s demands.

Moreover, it is managed to control dual shock motion motors. This will provide the touchpad feedback and for further assistance, it counts on the analog working of games.

Lining up with a 3.5mm headset jack maintains the audio setting according to the demand of the user. Without any hustle, the whole of the working ensures quality as well as reliability.

Outside sounds do not disturb the gaming activity, it is lined with OMTP standard equipment that will control the volume and sound quality.

This will work to manage the real-life gaming adventure in a completely new look\, that not only attract users but also enhance its productivity in the market.


  • Highly compatible
  • Long battery life
  • Headset jack


  • Slow reaction while playing

Danny is a senior writer at Techarim, where he covers smartphones and gaming news. Previously, he worked as a tech writer at Adweek, a senior editor at the tech blog VentureBeat, and a local government reporter at the Hollister Free Lance.

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