Best Asus Gaming Monitors in 2021 

Gaming monitors creates a competitive atmosphere with traditional TV screens for playing video games. It provides a more focused screen for the viewers and gives the ultimate approach to the users.

Gaming monitor screen s are preferred by professionals because to work and play in a significant atmosphere gives a different and new experience. Ultimately, making the right choice regarding these monitors is a big question. But Asus solves the whole issue.

The Asus developers provide all-in-all features at a limited and budget-friendly price.

Here are some of their products are mentioned below;

· Asus VS228H-P 21.5″ Full HD Monitor

Asus VS228H-P 21.5"

Asus VS228H-P 21.5″ Full HD Monitor is the best choice you are looking for in your gaming room. Users are not only inspired by its features and working but also by its attractive interface.

It has an entirely slim and accurate design. It provides grace to the gaming room and provides the visuals with 1080p resolutions. Moreover, its 21.5 inch HD display screen is tremendous.

Additionally, it has a pixel pitch of 0.248mm. That makes it more unique with the best result.

It has a unique Aspect Control Ratio feature. This feature can manage the screen’s aspect ratio easily according to the real-time game or for watching a movie without any distortion of pixels.

It will not damage the quality of the image on screen after zooming in or zooming out.

Even there is no change in colours. Smart View Technology maintains the colours and provides the real image of video or content.

Video Intelligence Technology helps to create an HD view of content. This grand event manages all the aspects of video such as Brightness, resolutions, colours, contrast, sharpness, and shadows. Smart changes can also enhance even colours and grains.

The monitor has a detachable base. So you can easily apply it anywhere in the desired location without any hurdle.

This is one of the best choices for demanding users. It will give a subtle finish of virtual and lifetime games to show some adventurous and exciting content on screens.

So if you are going to buy it, it will enhance your room’s appearance, and you won’t regret buying it. You will surely love it as it is entirely feasible for your gaming and action-adventure. It is always the priority of users. 


· Decent picture quality


· Attractive interface with shiny black colour

· 1080p resolution display


· Have a problem with image resolution

· ASUS TUF VG279Q1A 27″ Gaming Monitor

Asus Gaming Monitor

ASUS VG279Q1A 27″ Gaming Monitor provides you with the best functional outcome. It keeps the demands and requirements in front of making a blast product.

The vast 27 inches wide Hd Display screen helps the user to enjoy working and games in a different and new way.

The monitor is specially designed for professional gamers and immersive gameplay.

Developers are looking forward to making more changes because of professional activity, and they will introduce hugely and up to date features soon.

The monitor consist of 

a unique and advanced feature that is Low Motion and Blur Technology. The technology support hg profile gaming ends. It maintains the display rate for games that have high frame rates.

FreeSync Premium Technology is available to help the Blur technology.

Both of them work in collaboration and provide ultimate results in HD display for the gaming zone.

The monitor is specially designed to overcome the dark aspects of video content. It can be easily able to add colours and remove colours when and where needed. 

Thus, the Brightness and contrast option are easily be maintained through the revolutionary features of the monitor.

This monitor has its edge in the market. Users search for new material, and that material also should be in their budget control.

The monitor holds a Power cord and adapter also for convenience. It gives the user an option to enjoy rich connectivity options. 1.2 Display port and Audio jack help the monitor get connected to many multimedia devices.


· Best IPS gaming monitor

· LCD Display Technology

· Enhanced graphics result


· Not so Good for watching Movies

· Disagree with the rating review

· ASUS TUF VG289Q Gaming Monitor

Asus Tuf Gaming Monitor

ASUS VG289Q is a 28 inch IPS gaming monitor. That is specially designed for paced video games. It contains all the standby features. 

The monitor is designed according to industrial standards. These standards let this product reach the height of their demand.

It can easily control the exaggerated colours and contrast issues of content. Thus, manage them and provide a complete finish in a highly smooth view.

AMD FreeSync Technology is a much-known ad famous for this ASUS monitor. It removes all the treating agents and tries to present an outstanding image. The image gets upgraded by various helping tools.

These tools rectified the overall scenes and provided ultimate imaging in a highly appreciated way.

Shadow Boost Technology makes it an all-in-all product. It adds Brightness where required. Moreover removes Brightness here not needed occasionally.

Apart from this, it gets attached to various multimedia players. And it holds a flexible and adjustable frame. You can adjust it anywhere you want, either on a table on a wall.

You can also easily adjust various HDR modes. If the HDR performance gets highlighted then, you can get the best viewing scenario o the screen.

The screen is built to remove and minimizes eyestrain. The monitor holds Flicker Technology. It will help to provide comfort and removes stress from the eyes during long gaming actions.

In addition to this, the Ultra-Low Blue Light technology tries to remove all harmful blue radiations that get emitted from the monitor. Thus, it provides a safe and secure end. It is also lined with four different types of filters that try to cover these radiations.

Overall, it is one of the most anticipated monitors in the market by ASUS developers.  


· A great monitor

· High-profile working

· Fulfill the gaming demands

· Highly recommended


· The colour look faded in HDR

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