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Battlefield new game by EA to be revealed and launched this year

Ryan Johnson




The battlefield is seemed to have an interval in its success for a long time. But wait for ahs been over by the official announcement of EA CEO Andrew Wilson.

He confirms that the new version is on its way. At the same time, fans do not need to wait for along time. It will be available in Holidays 2021.

The battlefield is a multi-player shooter game. That has all of the suspense, adventure, and mastery. It gains much popularity in previous versions, but there seems a long pause in its working.

But recently, the arrival information creates a hustle in the fans. They are now desperately waiting to enjoy their new season.

The last seemed version in Battlefield V that was appeared in 2018, according to data drainers, the release date might be after¬†Call of Duty’s release: Black Ops Cold War or later this spring.

There is a suspicion that there will be a massive change in this series of the battlefield. Viewers will experience a different view than any other game series. This will let more and more shooters participate and make a completely different scenario.

Fans are thinking it a significant step and achievement for developers. They anxiously wait to hold this season in their hands. Battlefield games always come up with unique features, but this time a great revolution is on its way.

Soon everyone will able to grab the chance of this new arrival. Coming months will make sure its availability to market and fans. The developers hardly try to overcome all the previous lags f seasons.

Even they are damn confident and believe there will be a record-breaking performance of the New Battlefield Game.

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