Apple iPhone 13 may have both Touch and Face ID as Claimed

Apple is going to bring back the Touch ID in the near future. A famous Apple Whistleblower has claimed that Apple might introduce an under-display fingerprint scanner in Apple iPhone 13. Apple cuts off the Touch ID since it introduced iPhone X.

Touch ID and Face ID in iPhone 13
Source Via @Techweb

Instead of Face ID, many iPhone fans still preferring the Touch ID. As recently Apple brings back the Touch ID in their new Apple iPad Air. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kou’s has predicted back in 2019 that Apple might introduce an Under display Fingerprint scanner in somehow 2021. So from this, it is expected to see UTS (Under display Fingerprint) Touch ID on Apple iPhone 13.

Somehow for most of the users, FaceID is not a user-friendly method to unlock their phones. As different rumors appear for several years regarding Apple Touch ID comeback, but now the Apple Whistleblower mentioned that Apple is still continuing to develop the Touch ID under the iPhone screen.

He claimed that we might see the Face ID and Touch ID both at the same time on iPhone 13. All this information are rumors based and we are not sure when will Apple introduce their new iPhone’s with both Touch ID and Face ID. We will be updating you on the upcoming events, so stay connected.

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