Apple iPhone 12 models to be featured with 7P lens modules

Apple phones have had a great camera since from the very beginning, they don’t compromise with the quality of their phone’s performance, camera’s, etc. Apple iPhone 11 Pro max is featured by 5P and 6P lens, but now from a source Digitimes it has been in hearing that the iPhone 12 models will be adopted with 7P lens modules.

Mostly 5P and 6P lenses had been used in top-notch flagship devices like the iPhone 11 Pro max. But Apple had made a big upgrade regarding photography in its upcoming iPhone 12 models. From the source, it has been claimed that the iPhone 12 models will be packed with the 7P lens to make the image and video quality much better than before.

Many of you will be wondering what is 7P? 7P lens has the ability to increase the light transmission rate, and actually it has 7 Optical elements to improve image quality with the help of light transmission. This might be better than the previous 5P and 6P lenses used in the previous model.

Apple doesn’t focus on Mega Pixels like other smartphone manufacturing companies, they always focus on great image quality. That’s why they have adopted the iPhone 12 models with 7P lens modules. From a new report, it’s cited that the iPhone 12 Pro Max will be featuring a 1/1.9 inch 7P wide lens that would have the ability to support sensor-shift technology.

From the previous leaks and reports, it’s confirmed that the iPhone 12 Pro models will be featuring a Sony LiDAR lens as well. Now the new up-gradation in hearing is 7P lens, and there are also some rumors, that the iPhone 12 Pro to be featured with 2x and 3x zoom. As these all leaks are not official, these are rumored based and taken from different sources.

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