Among Us receiving unwanted Spam messages on Public Servers

Among Us receiving Spam messages on Public servers, as the players who play on Public servers were receiving a lot of spam messages. After 2 years the renowned game has received such serious popularity, but that has just brought some serious issues too.

Those who play on Public servers were receiving spam messages, showing that Subscribe to Eris Loris youtube channel also to join his Discord. The players are facing such threats as” I will hack your account” etc.

InnerSloth the developers of Among Us is aware of such vicious circles made by the hackers. As they have twitted on their Twitter account and said that

“We are super duper aware of the current hacking issue and we are looking into it. We will be pushing out an emergency server update so people who are in-game will get kicked from games. Please play private games or with people that you trust”.

The message clearly shows that not to play on Public servers, players need to play on private servers either to play with those who you trust more. The problem is that Eris has mentioned that I am already prepared and will be back with another wave of Spam messages. As this could be very challenging for the developers, but we hope the InnerSloth will quickly arrange an emergency server update.

The InnerSloth will push the emergency to sever update very soon, till then players need to play on Private Servers and to play with people who you trust.

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