Amazon’s Ring introduced a flying drone cam for surveillance

Amazon held a big event on Thursday unveiling plenty of great products. One of the coolest product the Amazon’s Ring has relieved is the new Always Home Cam. The Ring cam has an innovative design inspired by surveillance drones.

The Home security camera drone will fly through your home to monitor your indoors, appliances, every object inside your home with the help of Ring Cam connected to your phone or tablet. The Ring cam is integrated with the Ring Alarm security system to detect physical objects if you are not at home.

The users can also preset the path for their drone to check there home windows, appliances, or any other objects while not at home. The cam can record videos up to 1080p. Also, the propellers are covered with a protected cover, so as to mitigate the risk of being ravel with something.

The Cam drone has the ability to return to the Ring, once the preset route surveillance has been completed. The cam doesn’t record anything while it’s in the base because the cam is completely covered underneath. The Ring cam cost only $250, which is quite reasonable.


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