Mozilla’s voice controlled Browser Scout (WIP) vs Google Assistant?


Mozilla Firefox has been my favorite and primary Browser for some time now after Google Chrome started slowing almost everything down eating on my RAM. A few days ago, cnet reported about Mozilla working on a voice controlled browser named Scout. Mozilla revealed the project as an agenda item recently.

All we know about Mozilla’s voice controlled browser Scout

First, Mozilla calls it an early-stage project and hasn’t given us much details. “With the Scout app, we start to explore browsing and consuming content with voice,” Mozilla said. And, a sample command as per Mozilla would be “Hey Scout, read me the article about polar bears.

So, here are a few things we know about it:-

1. No keyboard, no mouse, no touch input needed

Scout browser, from what we can assume will be a hands free browser with no need for any kind of physical tangible input. So, you won’t need a keyboard, mouse or any kind of finger touches. Almost everything will be voice-controlled.

2. Scout can read whole websites

Once you reach a website, Scout can read you the whole website on command, but there’s no mention of what languages would be supported soon after launch.

3. Ideal for blind and physically challenged

It’s quite obvious that Scout would make the most ideal Web browser for visually and physically (eg:- paralysed) challenged people.

4. Scout will rely on AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Based on it’s functionality, it will have to rely on AI for functioning, but how advanced would that be and how good will that be?

Scout vs Google Assistant : How is that different?

The concept of your device answering your questions and performing actions on command is not new, especially with the well developed Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana and Apple Siri. So, how does Scout plan to be any different?

It’s hard to answer the question right now given the little information we have about the browser. For starters, Scout will be a Web browser that can read whole websites and maybe click on a specific link on a website on your command, for eg:- you are on a website and on the sidebar you find a link to another website or an ad perhaps. Scout might go click on it with a command similar to something like this, “Scout, click on the Ad on the sidebar.” Though the example was vague, I hope you get the idea.

How good will Scout AI be?

Mozilla have been struggling with only 5% Firefox users compared to 58% on Google Chrome. But, Firefox Quantum, the new browser aimed at great speeds has done them a little good. Scout could easily be a great competitor in the Web browser category. As I already mentioned Scout will rely on AI, but how good is Mozilla’s AI? Only time will tell. It will have to be pretty good compared to Google’s to actually win the market back.

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