Mozilla Fenix screenshots leaked show a new UI; could replace Firefox on Android

Here's your first look at the Mozilla Fenix

The last we heard about Mozilla Fenix was back in July, 2018 when the project was found on GitHub. Now, screenshots of Mozilla Fenix have leaked with a new UI. The mockups of the new Mozilla browser also hints that Mozilla Fenix could replace Firefox altogether on Android.

In the past few months, the GitHub page has seen increased activity. So, the launch might be near.

Mozilla Fenix Mockup Screenshots

If you remember, the earliest information about Mozilla Fenix was a courtesy of Sören Hentzschel and ghacks. This is no different.

It seems that Mozilla wants this to be a new-generation browser, i.e., meant for the youngsters. This is clear because Fenix’s description on GitHub is, “Fenix is not your parents’ Android browser.

The screenshot images, give us a few details about Mozilla Fenix:-

1. New UI

Mozilla Fenix has  a new UI with a new logo and URL bar at the bottom
Mozilla Fenix UI

The UI has been changed a bit here and there compared to conventional Firefox browsers. But, one of the first obvious things is that the URL/Search Field is at the bottom.

The logo has changed too. The fox looks a bit more trendier. The Firefox logo has a full fledged fox that’s in it’s ‘full glory,’ i.e., head to tail. Fenix’s fox looks a bit smaller in size. This again might be to show that Fenix is for the youngsters.

The Menu can be accessed from the icon on the bottom right, beside the URL Bar. It gives you the usual options – Help, Settings, Library with a toggle to switch to Desktop Site. And, of course you have the option to go to Private Mode.

2. Sessions

Mozilla Fenix clubs the Current Session and Recent Sessions on the splash screen
‘Sessions’ on Mozilla Fenix

Mozilla Fenix also incorporates ‘Sessions.’ Sessions is a collection of webpages or tabs on the splash screen.

Let’s say you open Google on a tab and Wikipedia on another. And, then you close Fenix. Fenix will then club both these tabs into a session. When you re-open Fenix, it will display these tabs under Recent Sessions.

Under Recent Sessions, you will see the webpages with a timestamp of when it was closed.

The splash screen also displays the Current Session with all the tabs and webpages that are open currently.

3. New URL options

Mozilla Fenix's URL bar has options for QR scanning and to search for shortcuts
URL bar options on Mozilla Fenix

Clicking on the URL Bar brings switches the browser to full screen. While you have the option to enter a URL or search for something in the field, just below that, you will find recently visited pages’ URL.

There’s also an option called “Scan” to scan for any QR codes. Beside that is an option to search for Shortcuts.

4. Other features

Thanks to the screenshots, we have acquired some idea about the UI and features of Fenix. But, Sören checked the Issue Tracker.

He thinks that Mozilla Fenix will also have Anti-Tracking Protection, Ad Blocker and the option to Save Pages offline.


Mozilla Fenix resembles Firefox a lot. These leaked screenshots give us a general idea. Please bear in mind that the final launch product might be a little or totally different with a whole new set of features. Anyways, subscribe to us for quick updates on Mozilla Fenix.

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