Moto RAZR with Foldable Screen might be coming for $1500 via Verizon

Motorola might be working on a foldable smartphone, Moto RAZR for $1500

Motorola’s Moto RAZR brings back many childhood memories for me. With the RAZR and ROKR series, there was a time when Motorola ruled the mobile phone market. We MIGHT have some good news! Motorola might be reviving Moto RAZR with a foldable screen for $1500 in association with Verizon.

Moto RAZR with foldable screen via Verizon

If you are a 2000s kid, you would know that flip phones were synonymous with Moto back in the day. Today though, we are way past foldable flip phones. Foldable Phones are the new hype.

A lot has changed since the old Motorola phones. Motorola has been acquired by Lenovo.

Recently, Royole released the world’s first smartphone with a foldable screen, FlexPai. And, tech enthusiasts have been receiving it very well. It was one of the major attractions at CES this year.

In 2018, Lenovo’s CEO mentioned of plans to bring Moto RAZR back with a foldable screen. Nothing happened of it though. And, here is a leaked patent image that made some people believe that the phone would launch soon.

Leaked patent image of a foldable Motorola smartphone
Patent image of Moto Razr?

Now, Wall Street Journal believes Motorola and Verizon might be bringing a $1500 Moto RAZR with foldable screen.

Moto RAZR Launch Date

There are rumours that the phone might launch by February 2019. But, experts say the phone is still being tested and an exact launch date hasn’t been set.

Keep watching this area as we will update when we have information on an exact launch date.

Rumour or not though, there’s a huge chance that Verizon might be the carrier launching the new Moto RAZR in the USA.


The patent images of the alleged Moto RAZR, in my opinion, look bad. I hope, if the news is true, Motorola makes some changes to the design, especially the bezels. Anyways, would you shell out $1500 on a Moto RAZR with a foldable screen? Let us know in the comments.

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