Lenovo vs Dell Customer Service & Onsite Warranty in India 2018

Lenovo vs Dell Customer Service in India 2018 compared in detail

With every brand offering onsite warranty on laptops, it’s hard to decide which would be the best for you. Today, I’ll compare the two top brands in India, as of now. When it comes to customer support, Dell is on the 2nd and Lenovo on 6th this year in Laptopmag’s list. I’ve had very good experience with both Dell and Lenovo’s Customer service and Onsite warranty services. So, today, I am going to do a Lenovo vs Dell Customer Service & Onsite Warranty comparison in India considering all the factors.

Following is a list of criteria forming the basis of the comparison:-

  • Warranty terms
  • Contact options
  • Troubleshooting
  • Response time

Lenovo Customer Service: Review based on experience

Warranty terms

You can check their warranty policy here. Luckily Lenovo does provide International Warranty on Ideapad laptops. I don’t have experience with this, but, it should be a relief for travellers. Except that, it’s all standard stuff.

Contact options

The support page provides Live Chat, Phone support and Email.Let’s look into them one by one.

1. Live Chat
The Live Chat takes a lot of time to connect. And, if you are on a slow connection, you might face very frequent disconnects. It might take anywhere from 5-15 minutes to connect to an agent. All the times I tried, I was usually 8th (approximately) in the queue.

2. Phone support
Their Support page is cluttered and in my opinion, messy. So, it took me some time to find their toll free number. A Google search would reveal a number, but it’d lead you to Lenovo Smartphone support, not laptop support. And, they, in turn gave me 5 other numbers! In case you are having trouble contacting them, use the Call me back option. I am happy to report that they called me back within the next 10 minutes max.

3. Email
I haven’t tried it yet, but their Email support page says they respond within 24 business hours. I hope they don’t have a single email a day policy.


The Technical Support Team at Lenovo is knowledgeable. I give them that. But, they still depend on Windows or 3rd party OS based tools to troubleshoot and find issues. I called them about an issue with my battery and they did a check with Windows Command Prompt’s powercfg command. And, then, installed 3rd party applications to calibrate the battery, wasting a total of 5 or more hours.

Lenovo uses LogMeIn Rescue for connecting to a client’s computer. The software worked perfect, but it’s pretty bad that they don’t have their own software for that yet.

Response time

I had to wait another day for them to approve the replacement. And, was told that a technician would repair my laptop at my home within 2 days. To my surprise, the technician came within the said time period. He replaced the battery and then found out, the Hard Drive might be malfunctioning. And, said, I would have to wait for a few days because the Hard Drive had just been shipped. Luckily, I got it replaced within the next two days too.

When it comes to response time and parts availability, I am actually surprised at Lenovo’s speedy service. Though, a proper Troubleshooting tool would have made the experience better.

Dell Customer Service: Review based on experience

Warranty terms

You can check their warranty policy here. Dell provides International Warranty Policy on many of it’s laptops except some region specific ones. They do have a Warranty transfer process wherein you can transfer the warranty of a device to your name in your home country. It’s a fairly easy process given you have the details of the original buyer and the process only takes 5-7 days.

Take my example. Mine was bought from Thailand. I had the ownership transferred once it was in India. During the process was ongoing, I had an issue with the laptop. Dell support was very helpful and didn’t give me excuses like the Transfer process is ongoing and that they can’t help me.

One thing to mention though is, you might lose Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) when transferring to a different country. My laptop had ADP in Thailand, but when I transferred it to India, it lost the ADP.

Contact options

Dell provides Email and Phone options for Technical Support. Apparently, the Live Chat is for Sales support.

1. Phone support
Dell has multiple phone numbers too. But, calling any one of them can land you in the right section with the agent’s help. The section you land into depends on the warranty type you have. Based on the warranty, you might be redirected to Premier support.

My review of Dell’s support is a mixture of good and bad. I have faced dropped calls from time to time. And, it’s always a pain to tell them about the issue each and every time. They tell me it was due to an ongoing maintenance which may last many hours. Another issue I usually have all the time is with being tossed from one Department to another, at times ending up in a previous Department.

2. Email
Their Email support is pretty great. Just remember not to spam them with replies if you don’t receive a reply within a few hours. They usually reply to emails within 10-12 hours. And, they usually follow you up via Phone in cases when necessary. You are allowed to choose a preferable time to be contacted.


Dell deals with Hardware issues very quickly, thanks to the Diagnostic Tool. Pressing F12 while booting up on almost all modern Dell Laptops brings up the Diagnostic Tool. This is an independent tool designed to find hardware issues on your laptop without having to boot to your OS. This is a major relief for technicians too. This makes their job easier since they don’t have to come down to find the issue in cases where the OS won’t boot at all.

When it’s a hardware issue, say, Hard Drive, the Tool runs through tests and if it finds some issue, it just gives you an error code. You put that code into Dell’s website, you get the solution. Simple as that! The Tool may find issues with a simple run which takes 5 minutes max. But, in some cases, you might have to run an Advanced scan running for 2-5 hours depending on what component you are testing.

Response time

Once the replacement order has been placed, the Technician reaches you within 3-4 business days. You will also receive SMS alerts with the Technician’s phone number, who will contact you to make an appointment. One thing to note here is that, Dell is very specific about the parts. If you were to replace your Thai laptop’s charger in India, your replacement would have the same Thai plug, not Indian. For this reason, it may take some time in some very special conditions.

The best part though is that, with the help of the Diagnostic Tool, the technician can replace all the faulty parts in just one visit.


I hope you loved the article and found it useful. Anyways, it’s time to wrap it up. Let’s see who win in each individual section:-

  • Warranty Terms – Tie
  • Contact Options – Lenovo
  • Troubleshooting – Dell
  • Response time – Tie

Based on this, it’s hard to tell a clear winner. But, many people online claim that Dell is the only company that tells you to extend your warranty when you have an issue and it’s expired instead of paying for the repair alone. That’s very considerate for the customer. The claims have to be validated though. If that were true, Dell is the winner.

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