Hands on image of Pixel 3 Lite (Sargo) leaks next to Pixel 3

A hands on image of the budget Pixel 3 Lite leaks alongisde a Pixel 3 showing similar sizes and design. But, Pixel 3 Sargo has a full plastic body, unlike Pixel 3's Glass Back.

A week ago, we had the first look of the much rumoured budget Pixel 3 Lite. We saw a few images which confirmed the presence of a headphone jack. Now, a leak shows hands on image of a Pixel 3 Lite next to a Pixel 3.

Pixel 3 Lite vs Pixel 3: Hands on image

The image was shared on Twitter by a Ben Geskin:-

To avoid confusion, Pixel 3 is on the right and Pixel 3 Lite on the left. Remember that the smaller Pixel 3 (compared to Pixel 3XL) has a 5.5 inch, which is similar to the Pixel 3 Lite’s 5.56 inch display. This is the reason both the phones in the image look similarly sized.

On the top, you can see the Pixel 3 has a Dual Camera while Pixel 3 Lite, from what we know, has a Single Camera. Moreover, as already seen on the earlier leak, Pixel 3 Lite has bottom facing speakers. So, on the leaked image you can see Pixel 3 Lite’s wide chin with no speaker grill. Sargo also has a full plastic body, compared to Pixel 3s’ glass back.


Pixel 3 Lite, according to sources is expected to retail at $400-500. Being a budget Pixel, it might not launch worldwide. The first rumours of the phone a long ago confirmed it’s expected to launch in markets like India. Since, it’s leaking a lot, we can expect an official announcement from Google soon.

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