JioSaavn is the new JioMusic (and Saavn) with 90 Days of Free Saavn Pro, New Dark UI

JioMusic (on Android) and Saavn (on iOS) have been updated to JioSaavn

Saavn is a popular music app in India. And, it’s a little known fact that the network operator Jio has been using Saavn’s library for it’s JioMusic App. After an update on 2nd December, JioMusic (and Saavn) got updated to JioSaavn with free Saavn Pro for 90 days for Jio users. The update has reflected on both Android and iOS, but in slightly different ways. The website for JioSaavn is up too.

JioMusic updated to JioSaavn on Android

On the Google Play Store, you will notice that the old app, JioMusic – HD Music & Radio has been completely replaced by JioSaavn Music & Radio starting at version 6.1. But, you can still find the original Saavn (Saavn Music & Radio) App on the Android Play Store. The scenario is slightly different on iOS.

JioSaavn and Saavn on Google Play Store
JioSaavn on Google Play Store

Saavn updated to JioSaavn on iOS

Upon checking iTunes App store, the original Saavn app has completely disappeared. Upon a closer look at the description of the new JioSaavn app on the iOS Store, we found this:-

After months of waiting, Saavn is now JioSaavn!

The irony though is, JioMusic app seems to co-exist with JioSaavn on iTunes store. This maybe due to a technical error and Apple might fix it soon.

JioSaavn and JioMusic on Google Play Store
JioSaavn on iTunes

JioSaavn Quick Review: What’s new?

I haven’t had the time to interact with the app a lot. But, soon after opening the app, you will notice a few changes. Here are some of them:-

1. New Dark Themed UI

The UI has changed a lot from the original JioMusic app. JioSaavn uses a dark theme with almost black and gray colours. This, for some reason looks better than JioMusic’s UI. The new app seems to be faster with smoother navigation too. The transition effects and animations look cleaner too

2. Free JioSaavn Pro for 90 days for Jio customers

Jio customers on both Android and iOS can avail this offer. To avail this offer, all you have to do is install or update to the JioSaavn app. You will have to reset your preferences like setting your preferred music (language). As soon as that’s done, your 90 Days trial will be activated automatically. You can check it by going to the Menu on the app.

90 days JioSaavn Pro for free
JioSaavn Pro Trial (encircled)

Apart from that, you can also get discounts while extending your JioSaavn Pro subscription. Remember that a Pro subscription gives you ad free and offline 320kbps music.


JioMusic enabled Jio customers to download songs and play them offline. But, with JioSaavn, you will lose the ability to download and play music offline when your Pro subscription expires. But, it’s a good thing that you also get discounts when you extend your membership. Anyways, what do you guys think of this update? Let us know in the comments.

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