Get Photo Booth, Live Motion Autofocus, Super Res Zoom on Pixel 2 with Google Camera Mod

With Camera P3 v5, get Photo Booth, Live Motion Autofocus, Super Res Zoom and more on Pixel 2

Since the launch of Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL earlier this month, I am sure you guys are aware of the camera features of the phones. We learned that some Pixel 3 Camera features will come to Pixel and Pixel 2. Now, you can get Pixel 3 features – Photo Booth, Live Motion Autofocus, Super Res Zoom etc. on Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL with updated Google Camera Mod.

If you remember, a week ago, XDA Dev, cstark27 activated Night Sight for Pixel, Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 with a modded Google Camera App. He named it Camera P3. This updated version of the Camera App with Pixel 3 exclusive Camera features is Camera P3 v5 and as expected, will update the older Camera Mod, if installed.

Screenshot of Camera P3 v5 UI on Pixel 2 with Photo Booth, Live Motion Autofocus, Super Res Zoom and more
Camera P3 v5 on Pixel 2

UPDATE (15th November 2018): Pixel phones get official Night Sight via Google Camera update.

Camera P3 v5 Features for Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL

Here’s a list of all the features the updated modded version of Google Camera brings to Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL. But, I suggest you read our article on Pixel 3 Camera features first.

1. Photo Booth

With Photo Booth, you just have to press the capture button. The phone will then detect changes in your face (emotions, weird faces, etc.) and will capture pictures accordingly. I tested this on a Pixel 2XL, but the results are good, though not great. The phone sometimes doesn’t detect changes in the face and sometimes, is slow. Anyways, here’s a video showing the Mode in action on Pixel 3.

2. Live Motion Autofocus

This is yet another awesome feature which Google said would be Pixel 3 exclusive. This feature lets you take perfect shots of restless subjects, like a pet or a kid. The Camera locks onto them even if they are moving.

Pixel 3 Camera's Motion Auto Focus can lock onto moving objects to give you a clear shot
Motion Auto Focus

3. Super Res Zoom

cstark27 said Super Res Zoom on the Pixel 2 is still experimental and might not work as expected with P3 v5. The feature lets you take photos of a faraway subject with the help of AI. Super Res Zoom makes sure the image isn’t blurred due to pixelation after zooming.

4. HDR+ Enhanced

The new Camera Mod also brings HDR+ Enhanced to Pixel 2. The developer says this will output better colours in extreme low light conditions.

5. FPS Switch feature

With the new app, your phone can now decide whether to shoot 1080p videos at 30fps or 60fps depending on a variety of factors. The FPS Switcher allows the phone to switch fps settings even mid-video.

6. Live Google Lens Suggestions

Google Lens is a shopping companion announced with the Pixel 3. Camera P3 v5 Settings on Pixel 2 has a toggle for Google Lens Suggestions, but I couldn’t get it to work. This app doesn’t have a special button for Google Lens because the developer says, Google might somehow be blocking it for modded apps.

Google Lens integrated into Pixel 3 Camera can identify objects like sunglassses, shoes and shows you their online prices
Google Lens on Pixel 3

Portrait Mode on Pixel and Pixel XL

For those of you, who are on the original Pixel or Pixel XL, cstark27’s new Camera App has the Portrait Mode. Portrait Mode wasn’t a thing back in 2016 when the original Pixel Phones launched. After almost 2 years now, OG Pixel owners can enjoy Portrait mode on their Cameras. Right now, the mode works only on human faces, since the phone lacks dual camera sensors.

Download Camera P3 v5 with Photobooth, Live Motion Autofocus, Super Res Zoom and more

Those who want to try these features out, can download Camera P3 v5 here. Like the earlier Camera P3, this update won’t replace or update the original Google Camera app. It will appear on your App drawer as Camera P3.


Google is slowly rolling out Camera features with every Google Camera update. We can expect some features to be officially available on the older Pixel models by November. Stay tuned for more.

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