Google Allo to shut down in March, 2019; to focus on Android Messages, Hangouts & Duo

Google Allo will shut down in 2019 for Google to focus more on Android Messages, Duo and Hangouts

There’s a shut down marathon at Google it seems. This started with them deciding to shut Google Plus down for consumers by 2019. Today, Google said Allo will shut down in March, 2019 to improve Android Messages & Duo. Moreover, Google will also focus more on Hangouts Chat & Hangouts Meet for enterprise users.

Google to shut down Allo: Everything to know

Google launched their competitor to WhatsApp in September, 2016. Allo had some features including Smart Reply, GIF support and the self-destructive Incognito Chat (my favourite). But, all of that couldn’t save the app from it’s doom. Google stopped investing in the app a few months ago itself.

In a lengthy post today, Google has officially confirmed that Allo will shut down in March, 2019. Till then, users can download their conversation history and other personal information. Learn how you can do that here.

What about Google Allo’s great features?

Google Allo couldn’t meet the expectations of the mass, as a messaging app. But, as I already mentioned, the app had some useful features. Don’t worry though. Google is working with carriers worldwide to bring new features to Android Messages.

Google is trying to bring RCS-based features on Android Messages. Almost 40 carriers globally are working with Google to bring (or have brought) these features to Android Messages:-

  • Support for Read Receipt.
  • Smart Reply.
  • GIFs
  • Desktop support at

More features are on the way. We will keep you updated on the same.

Google to focus on Hangouts for Enterprise, Duo and Android Messages

With Allo out of the way, Google will focus more on Android Messages as a messenger. We learned recently that Google has plans to shut down Hangouts for consumers. Soon after that, Scott Johnson, the Product Lead for Hangouts clarified that Hangouts will be upgraded to Hangouts Chat and Meet.

After reading Google’s official statement, it seems they will currently work on making Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet (as a part of G Suite for Enterprise users) better. Personal users will get access to these changes and improvements later. Google said the following about that:-

Hangouts Chat and Meet are primarily focused on team collaboration for G Suite customers and at some point will be made available for existing Hangouts users, too. We’re fully committed to supporting Hangouts users in the meantime.

As for Duo, the Video Calling app, Google has plans to work on that and make it better. Recently, they made the app available on many iOS devices and Chrome OS.


The changes Google expects to bring to Android Messages globally will take time. This is because many of those features require individual carrier’s support.

With the latest December update for Pixel phones, Google has expanded eSIM capability on Pixel 3 to more carriers. In India, Jio and Airtel have been named by multiple sources. Still, no official news on the same though.

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