Galaxy S10 Plus has 4 Rear Cameras (not 3) in updated 5K renders

Latest Galaxy S10 Plus renders show a Quad Rear Camera

Thanks to the efforts of @OnLeaks, we had our first look at Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus recently. Those renders showed a triple rear camera. Now, updated renders of Galaxy S10 show a rear Quad Camera along with the Dual In-Screen Camera.

Galaxy S10 Plus’ Quad Camera

91mobile has updated their earlier article to reflect this new finding too. Now, here are the updated renders of the S10 Plus showing the Quad Camera on the rear:-

Galaxy S10 Plus wouldn’t be the world’s first to have 4 rear cameras. And, definitely not the first Samsung smartphone. Samsung’s first Quad Camera phone is the Galaxy A9.

From the above images, the backside of both A9 and S10 Plus look similar. But, Galaxy S10 Plus’ Quad Camera are placed horizontally, while on the A9, it has a vertical placement. Here’s an image comparing the back side of both the phones:-

Galaxy A9 with Vertical Quad Cam vs Galaxy S10 with horizontal Quad Cam
Quad Camera: Galaxy A9 (left) vs Galaxy S10 Plus (right)


I hope you enjoyed reading the article. Please share and comment below. To conclude though, the highlight of the phone is the In-Screen Camera. We yet have to see how it performs and what it means for user experience.

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