How to Buy Galaxy M20 at Rs. 7880 & M10 at Rs. 4880 effectively with Jio Double Data Offer?

Buy Samsung Galaxy M10 at an effective price of Rs. 4880 and M20 at Rs. 7880

Samsung launched Galaxy M10 and M20 starting at Rs. 7,990 in India recently. The first sale of both these phone begins tomorrow, i.e., 5th February, 2019 at 12PM. The Galaxy M20 starts at Rs. 10,990 and Galaxy M10 starts at Rs. 7,990. Today, we’ll show you a trick to buy Galaxy M20 for just Rs. 7880 and Galaxy M10 for just Rs. 4880.

Most of you might consider this a clickbait, but, believe me it’s not. And, I have mentioned in the title that with our help, you can buy the phones at those discounted “effective” prices. All of this is possible due to Jio’s Double Data Offer.

If you already watched Galaxy M Series’ Launch Event, you might already know this. Anyways, keep reading to know the trick.

Buy Galaxy M10 at Rs. 4880
Buy Galaxy M20 at Rs. 7880

Samsung Galaxy M’s Jio Double Data Offer

First, let’s get this out of the way. Samsung Galaxy M10 and Galaxy M20 are packed with awesome features and an attractive pricing. But, with Jio Double Data Offer, you can own these phones while saving almost Rs. 3000! And, if you are confused about which Galaxy M phone to buy, check out our quick comparison of Galaxy M10 and Galaxy M20.

How does Galaxy M’s Jio Double Data Offer work?

Here’s an easy explanation of how Jio’s Double Data Offer will work on your newly bought Galaxy M10 or Galaxy M20. Once you buy an M10 or M20, you have to do a recharge of Rs. 198 or Rs. 299 on your Jio SIM. Make sure you recharge it while your Jio SIM is in the M10 or M20.

Once done, within 48 hours, you will receive 10 Double Data Vouchers. You can access the vouchers via MyJio App. These vouchers can be used while recharging for Rs. 198 (2GB/day for 28 days) or Rs. 299 (3GB/day for 28 days). If you avail these vouchers, you will receive double data, i.e., 4GB/day on a recharge of Rs. 198 and 6GB/day on Rs. 299’s plan.

So, with each recharge, you will get double the data than the normal customer. This means, you will be saving the exact amount you recharge. So, on a recharge of Rs. 299, you save Rs. 299, because you get double the data. Now, let’s do some calculations assuming you recharge for Rs. 299 for the next 10 months while availing the Double Data vouchers:-

  • Single Recharge Savings – Rs. 299
  • Savings on 10 recharges – Rs. 299 x 10 = Rs. 2990

Apart from the data, you also get access to Jio’s applications including JioTV, JioMusic (recently rebranded to JioSaavn Pro) and more. Considering them into account, you can save around Rs. 3110 on recharges.

For a complete FAQ on the Jio Double Data offer, check Amazon’s page here.

Get an effective discount of Rs. 3110 when buying Galaxy M10 and Galaxy M20

Now, let’s recalculate the price of the Galaxy M phones after the savings we make as a Jio customer.

Buy Galaxy M20 at Rs. 7880 (effective price)

Here are the actual prices of Galaxy M20 variants:-

  • M20 3GB/32GB – Rs. 10,990
  • M20 4GB/64GB – Rs. 12,990

Let’s calculate the effective price of the Galaxy M20 after the Jio Double Data discounts (savings):-

  • M20 3GB/32GB – Rs. 10,990 – Rs. 3110 = Rs. 7880
  • M20 4GB/64GB – Rs. 12,990 – Rs. 3110 = Rs. 9880
Buy Galaxy M20 at Rs. 7880

Buy Galaxy M10 at Rs. 4880 (effective price)

Let’s apply the same formula to the Galaxy M10 and see what the effective discounted price of the phone is after the savings:-

  • M10 2GB/16GB – Rs. 7,990 – Rs. 3110 = Rs. 4880
  • M10 3GB/32GB – Rs. 8,990 – Rs. 3110 = Rs. 5880
Buy Galaxy M10 at Rs. 4880


So, tell us, are you excited about this phone? The 120 degree Wide Angle Lens is something that I like on this phone. Which feature of the Galaxy M are you most excited about. Or, are you going to wait for Redmi Note 7 to launch in India on 12th February? Let us know in the comments.

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