Foldable Moto RAZR 2019 Renders by Sarang Sheth are awesome!


We recently learned that Motorola might be working on bringing Moto RAZR back as a foldable phone in 2019. This definitely intrigued the curiosity of many designers. Here are some awesome renders of the foldable Moto RAZR by a designer.

The designer behind the renders, Sarang has tried to blend “futurism” and “nostalgia” into one. And, you will see that it’s a perfect blend.

Foldable Moto RAZR renders by Sarang Sheth

Sarang Sheth of Yanko Design shared the renders he designed:-

Note – The above render images are the property of Sarang Sheth and Yanko Designs. You may click on the images to see a full sized image.

The phone in the render looks like a minified Moto RAZR from the past. But, on unfolding, it is a full fledged smartphone. The design also incorporates a notch on the top. This is expected to house the Front Camera and the speaker. So, it looks like the big ugly notches, as on Pixel 3XL, iPhone XS, etc.

On the upper section of the back of the unfolded Moto RAZR, there’s a single Camera. On the lower deck is a small groove with Motorola’s logo (M). This could easily double up as the fingerprint scanner.

Another awesome feature on the phone is a secondary screen. We have foldable Screens, in screen Camera and more today. The next upcoming trend on smartphones might be Secondary Screens.

Based on the render, the first thing you see on the folded Moto RAZR is the secondary screen and the Camera. On unfolding, this part is on the rear of the phone.

Sarang has also added a small animated GIF showing off his renders in almost 360 degree:-

Foldable Moto RAZR 2019 Render Video by Sarang Sheth
Foldable Moto RAZR 2019 Render


We have already seen some leaked patent images of the Moto RAZR. But, those didn’t reveal much about the phone. But, these renders are amazing. It would be great if Motorola chooses to design their new Moto RAZR based on the renders. Or, atleast similarly.

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