Beware of Fake Mi India Store Franchise Sellers, Warns Manu Jain of Xiaomi India

Beware of scammers selling fake Xiaomi India Store Franchises

India has seen almost every kind of scam. The most recent scam is Fake Mi India Store Franchise. Sellers (scammers) of these franchises seem to have legit looking Mi India receipts and Certificates.

Only recently we posted about a BTC based email scam. The article received a lot of views. You should check it out.

Beware of Xiaomi India Store Franchise

The Global Vice President and MD of Xiaomi India, Manu Kumar Jain took it to Twitter to warn everyone about this ongoing scam.

Here’s the Tweet:-

One of the first things I noticed is the legit looking documents. It’s really difficult to say if they are legit or forged papers.

What disappoints Manu the most is the signature at the bottom. These documents have Manu’s fake signatures. That in itself is a crime.

One of the receipts says that the victim paid Rs. 15,200 to the scammer who said he is selling original Mi Store franchises. The documents also include a GST form (REEG-06). Again, that looks legit too. The lesson is no matter how good it looks, be a bit skeptic.

These scammers seem to have begun their operations in Maharashtra for now. But, they might expand soon.

Identify Fake Mi India Franchise Documents & Sellers

Xiaomi India has already filed a case with the Cyber Crime and Police Departments to investigate this matter further. In the mean time, here are a few things you can do to not fall for this scam:-

1. Contact Xiaomi India via Call

In a follow-up Tweet, Manu provided Mi India’s toll free number where people could verify such deals.

You may call Xiaomi on 1800 103 6286 if anyone approaches you as an Mi India Franchise seller. The same goes for any other Mi product.

2. Post on Xiaomi India’s Social pages

To verify or to lodge a complaint about a fraudulent seller, you may also post on Mi India’s Social pages –

Or you may mention @manukumarjain on Twitter.


Xiaomi is the No. 1 Smartphone brand in India. And so, is a trusted name that can be easily exploited by scammers. With the upcoming launch of Redmi Note 7 in India, the sales are expected to go boom! So, many people might consider this a great time to acquire Mi India Franchises. But, beware before you even think of buying these.

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