Apple Watch 4 announced, starts at $399: ECG, Fall Detection Features, Specs and other Features


There had been rumours that Apple was expected to announce a new Apple Watch Series along with the new iPhones. And, in the Apple Event on 12th September, they did announce the brand new Apple Watch Series 4. With fall detection, ECG and other features, Apple Watch 4 starts at $399. At the event, Apple announced the Apple Watch 4 before announcing iPhone XS, XS Max and XR.

Apple Watch 4: Specs and Features

The new Watch has got some significant upgrades, but the health and medical features are just amazing. Here are some mention worthy specs and new features of the Apple Watch 4:-

1. Wide Screen with Edged Corners

Much like the new iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, the screen on Watch 4 is wide, with almost no bezels and curved edges. The display is about 30% larger than the Apple Watch Series 3. This doesn’t make it bulky though as the volume is actually lower than Series 3 because Watch 4 is thinner.

There are two sizes available on the watch. One is the smaller 40mm version with a smaller screen (35% larger than Series 3) and a wider band (fits 130-200mm wrists). The larger 44mm version comes with a larger screen (32% larger than Series 3) and band (fits 140-210mm wrists).

Apple Watch 4's display is curved and is about 30% larger than the Series 3
Display size on 40mm and 44mm

2. New Customisable Watch Face and UI: Watch OS 5

For the new display, the UI has been redesigned and now, the front page displays more information than ever. And, you can customise it very easily too. You can add contacts to the Watch Faces to call them with just a touch. Or, if you travel a lot, you can set different clocks for different time zones right on the Watch face.

Apple Watch 4 has new faces for Health and Fitness, Contacts, World Time, etc.
New Faces on Apple Watch 4

3. Health Features

Apple Watch 4 is not only an improved smartwatch, but also a highly improved Health and Fitness tracker. Some of the Health related features added include:-

4. 50% louder speaker

The speaker is now 50% louder than before. And, the microphone has been placed away from the speaker to avoid echo. This makes playing music and making calls much better on the Apple Watch 4.

5. 18 Hour Battery Life

Even though Apple Watch 4 has had upgrades in all the Departments, Jeff said, the Watch will still be able to give users 18 hours of battery life on a single charge.

6. Back made of Black Ceramic and Sapphire Crystal

The back of the Watch 4 looks extraordinary too. Jeff confirmed that the back is made of Black Ceramic and Sapphire Crystals. This back allows radio waves to pass through the back just as good as the front. So, you will generally experience better Signal Reception on the Watch.

Apple Watch 4 is made of Black Ceramic and Sapphire crystals
Apple Watch 4 Back

The Back also features an improved optical heart rate sensor with electrodes spread all over the Sapphire Crystals to provide for the best Heart monitoring.

7. Digital Crown with Haptic Feedback

The Digital Crown on the side of the Watch 4 now has haptic feedback, i.e., you will feel the mechanical movement while scrolling with it. This just makes it more like a watch. The Digital Crown, like the Back has electrodes which provision taking ECG.

Apple Watch 4's Digital Crown now has Haptic Feedback with a feel of mechanical movement
Digital Crown on Apple Watch 4

8. Dual Core 64Bit S4 Chip

Apple Watch 4’s Dual Core 64-Bit S4 Chip and a new GPU make it two times (2X) faster than the Watch 3. It also has a next-gen Accelerometer and Gyroscope that samples 8 times faster.

9. Same Bands as Apple Watch 3

Jeff also confirmed that the Band size on Watch 4 is the same as Watch 3. So, you can still use those wrist bands you have on your older Watch 3 on the latest Watch. I also already mentioned that though the screen is larger, the volume the volume is actually lower than the earlier series.

10. More Apps

With Apple Watch 4, Apple has brought a bunch of new apps. For eg:- an app lets you view Sports Scores right on the front page, another one lets you view your Boarding Apps. But, the best part is the Health & Fitness apps are more easily accessible and customisable with the new Watch.

The Apple Breathe App has received a revamp too. The App is now available as a Watch Face. To access the App and let you relax, you just have to raise your wrist against your face now.

Apple Breathe App on Watch 4 brings new faces and animations
New animations on Breathe App

11. Colour options

There are many colour options available. And, different types of bands (colour, material, Brand-oriented), etc. You can check Apple Store for more information.

Buy Apple Watch 4: Price

Apple Watch 4 is available in two formats –

  1. Apple Watch 4 GPS
    • 40mm starts at $399
    • 44mm starts at $429
  2. Apple Watch 4 GPS+Cellular
    • 40mm starts at $499
    • 44mm starts at $529

The prices above are just starting prices. With special bands and other additions, there are much more expensive options, above $1000. You can check all the available options here.

The GPS Variant will be available in 26 countries at launch including US, UK, Japan, Singapore, etc. Check the full list below. The Cellular variant will launch first in 16 markets with 34 carriers. You can order one starting on 14th September 2018 and it will be available starting 21st September 2018.


Apple Watch 4 is the best Smartwatch and Fitness Tracker available as of right now. This time around, Apple has concentrated a lot on the Health related features and I am sure it will pay off. Recently, Huawei launched Honor Band 4, which is a good option for people on a very tight budget.

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