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Vishnu Hari Kumar is the author and webmaster of Techarim.com
Vishnu Hari Kumar

I started blogging back in 2008 when a friend of mine introduced to blogger.com. While they moved past that and did better things, I decided to cling on to Blogger.com like a baby to the mother for the next few years. It was a very hot summer in 2012 and I had just decided to complete God of War 3 on my PS3. But, summer is a time for blackouts for hours or days where I am from. I was browsing on my phone for random things when I learned of something called SEO. I learned a lot about it and suddenly I felt like a person who just woke up from a century-old coma! “Where were you all these years?” Back in 2008, ranking was a simple 3 step process for most parts:-

  1. Write Article.
  2. Stuff keywords.
  3. Use Meta Keywords tag. Stuff keywords there too!

After having read about Google’s updates and how SEO had changed, I decided to give it a try. And, that’s when Yoast’s Website and their SEO Plugin introduced to the Blogger’s goldmine – WordPress. I really wanted to bang my head for the next 5 minutes cause I have been blind all this time. This incident reminds me of these famous lines:-

The truth we mortals need
Us blest to make and keep
The all-wise slightly covered over
But did not bury deep.

I went from there. Worked and had a few WordPress blogs. I had to stop working and sell some of my blogs because of my real life studies. And, if you are wondering I didn’t study Engineering or anything related to technology at all. Techarim is my latest project that I could one day proclaim to the world as “my lifetime achievement!”

In the course of studying SEO and WordPress usage, I learned a little web designing and some PHP, JS, etc. I will share the little knowledge I have of those. It took me more than a month to design this website and I have to thank a lot of people for their articles and help. If I were to create a list, it would be a long one. As for the SEO I have learned, I would like to thank Yoast and SEOMoz (esp. their Whiteboard Friday videos).

I usually like to work alone and do it myself. And, maybe that’s why, there’s a huge chance Techarim will be a single-author blog.

As for technology, it was my main field of interest since the day I got my first PC back in 2004. Yah! I started taking those baby steps. I used to try new things which usually ended up in something breaking on Windows 98. N.B. The Internet wasn’t mainstream those days. So, I couldn’t search something like “fix tilted screen” back then. I usually ended up disappointing my dad because PCs were like gems back then. You had to shell a lot of money for a P4 back then. Slowly, with a lot of failures in between, I learned a lot. Today, when I look back at all the times I broke my PC, I feel stupid about how easy of a fix it would have been.

My hobbies include singing. I dance to my own tunes. Once I recorded myself dancing and realised I was terrible. I decided to stick with what I was good at, blogging and helping you guys out wherever I can. Feel free to contact me anytime if you need help.

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